We Are

Democracy is at the heart of what we stand for and of who we are.


We are a mixed group of citizens who have some knowledge of planning, place-making, community participation and housing provision. We promote balanced, sustainable housing development for rental or purchase that meets the needs of our society.

We fear that the city that is being created through recent legislative changes that have removed to voice of the citizen from planning will damage the city, without providing the homes that we need.

We hope to be a positive voice for the inhabitants of our city in influencing its development in a sustainable way that has the support of the communities who live in it.


Robin Mandal, FRIAI, Architect
Former director of RMA Architects and former President of the RIAI.

Marion Cashman
Former conservation architect.

Ray Kenny
Associate Member Society of Chartered Surveyors in Ireland.

Sebastian Vencken


The DDPA was founded around a letter that we wrote to TDs, Senators and Dublin Councillors calling for them to support our objectives. This letter can be read here:

DDPA letter to elected representatives.pdf


The map below contains the locations of residents associations that have signed our letter to elected representatives. Click on the red areas for the name of the residents association.


The DDPA is an independent voluntary group of experts, residents' associations, and business associations who want a better future than what is being planned for Dublin under centralised planning directives.

The strategy of the DDPA and our long-term goals, which are set out in our constitution, are decided by the Council, while daily activities are run by an elected Executive Committee.

The DDPA always welcomes new members.

If you have experience in the architecture, planning, housing development, housing economics or rental sectors, or if you are a committee member of a residents' or business association, we would love to hear from you.