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DDPA submission Draft Development Plan Guidelines for Planning Authorities

The DDPA has submitted its suggestions for the Draft Development Plan Guidelines for Planning Authorities. The consultation by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage closed on October 8th, 2021.

The DDPA's submission can be found here. The website for the public consultation itself can be found here.

In its submission, the DDPA commented on each section of the Draft Guidelines, highlighting in particular the implementation of Section 28(1C) Ministerial Directives and SPPRs into this guidance for Planning Authorities.

In general, we welcome the updating of the 2007 Guidelines (15 of 2007) to reflect the regulatory and policy changes that have taken place in the interim. It is crucial that this guidance is meaningful and we do not believe that it can be in the context of Section 28.1(c). This is because it is no longer guidance, but mandatory directives, through Specific Planning Policy Requirements. These directives have no place in a guidance document.


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